Call for Papers


In order to integrate and document the experiences and the scientific work addressing the psychosocial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the natural disasters that recently have impacted our region, the Behavioral Sciences Journal (Revista Ciencias de la Conducta) will employ a rapid review process to evaluate all papers submitted that address these topics.

The Behavioral Sciences Journal (Revista Ciencias de la Conducta) will consider quantitative, qualitative, or mixed-methods papers related to COVID-19 or the recent natural disasters that address the mission and vision of the journal. The received manuscripts will undergo a rapid peer review process and the accepted manuscripts will be featured in our next issue that will be published in the last trimester of 2020.

To submit a manuscript for review, you should refer to the Guidelines for Submitting Manuscripts and should utilize the submission portal using the following address

If you have any questions related to this Call for Papers, feel free to contact the Journal Editor, Dr. Ivelisse Torres Fernández, at the following email address If you have questions regarding how to submit the manuscript through our online portal, feel free to contact our Editorial Assistant, David Rivas at the following email address