Religion and Bisexuality: A Study about the Relationship between Religion and Negative Perceptions towards Bisexuality


  • Arlene G. García-Miranda, M.A. Carlos Albizu University
  • José Rodríguez Gómez, M.D. Carlos Albizu University


binegativity, religion, LGBT, bisexuality


Sexual orientation has been a controversial issue within religious institutions throughout history. Although there is ample literature related to negative perceptions towards homosexuality, the relationship between religion and binegativity is scarce. We conducted a secondary data analysis of the data obtained in during the construction and validation of Escala de Percepciones Hacia la Bisexualidad (EPHB). This scale measured binegativism in a Puerto Rican sample. The results show that identifying as a Christian is positively correlated with high levels of binegativity. In addition, significant differences were found among Christian, atheist and agnostic participants. In conclusion, this study suggests that there is a significant relationship between identifying with a religion and showing high levels of binegativity, which resembles the attitudes that religious institutions maintain towards homosexuality.