Development of Religious and Spiritual Measures in Puerto Rico: A Revision


  • Orlando M. Pagán-Torres, B.S. Ponce Health Sciences University
  • Juan A. González-Rivera, PsyD. Ponce Health Sciences University


spirituality, religiosity, validation, Puerto Rico


The development of psychology has been significantly marked by the field of psychological measurement. During the last years the interest in studying the role of religious and spiritual aspects in mental health of the people in Puerto Rico has been reborn. However, until now there has been no review of religious and spiritual measures validated in Puerto Rico. Therefore, the objective of this article is to review in detail the diversity of religious and spiritual measures that have been validated in the Puerto Rican population with the objective of evaluating the state of psychological measurement in the field of the psychology of religion and spirituality in Puerto Rico. Several databases, psychology journals, dissertations and books were reviewed to expand the size of the results. The review revealed a total of ten instruments published in professional journals and 18 instruments documented in unpublished projects. The implications, limitations and future investigations for the scientific advance of the study of the religious and spiritual phenomenon in Puerto Rico are discussed.