Religion and Spirituality: Unavoidable Topics in Psychological Endeavors


  • Alfonso Martínez-Taboas, Ph.D. Carlos Albizu University


religion, spirituality, Puerto Rican psychology, measurement, reparative therapies


In this article I offer a critical review to the nine articles that are presented in this special volume dedicated to religion and spirituality (R/E). The data points to the conclusion that the subject of R/S was unattended by the community I offer some critical observations with the purpose of establishing a conceptual and empirical background toward this subject matter. In this commentary I offer some critical observations and contrasting viewpoints to establish a solid conceptual and empirical background of this topic. The subject of reparative therapies and the measurement of the concept of spirituality receive a detailed commentary. It is concluded that the subject of R/S are important topics and that the recent interest of psychologist are a step in the right direction.