Renewing the Gender Perspective: Proposing a Gendersexual Perspective

  • Caleb Esteban, PhD. Ponce Health Sciences University
Keywords: Gender perspective, sexual gender perspective, gender identity, sexual orientation, equity


The gender perspective has been an essential paradigm for science and for public policy with the purpose of working on inequality between men and women. It is evident that for decades the culturally established sex roles privileged the man creating conditions of sociopolitical, economic and psychological disadvantages for women. However, although the gender perspective has not had negative implications for closing the inequality gap between men and women, it has been created, and subserve, a dualized panorama. Therefore, it has made invisible and ignored that the constructs of the sex and gender are diverse and not dichotomous spectrum. Therefore, the gender perspective fights to create equality, but only for cis and heterosexual women and men. Consequently, the proposal would be a renewed, extended, and comprehensive perspective, from a new paradigm based in equity and not equality, called the gendersexual perspective. This new perspective would advocate for: (1) the inclusion of intersexuality, (2) gender as a spectrum, (3) gender identity separated from sex identity, (4) sexual orientation as a spectrum, (5) the elimination of heterosexist and cissexist discourses and, (6) the modification in the education of diversity. In conclusion, we must adjust to the new realities and work to defend all sexual and gender identities equally.

Author Biography

Caleb Esteban, PhD., Ponce Health Sciences University

Clinical Psychology Program, School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences at Ponce Health Sciences University, PO BOX 7004, Ponce, Puerto Rico 00732-7004. email: